Jul 19, 2016

After running a minor fartlek speed session yesterday, I got up early this morning and ran 50 km. I wasn’t fresh, so it was a little harder than I’d have liked, but I finished strongly. In fact, I ran a lap of the 12 hour course (4 km) between the 42 km and 46 km marks of today’s run in a comfortable 22:02 (5:30 per km). That’s faster than I expect to be averaging during the 12 hour run. I’m pretty pleased overall and will add a few easy kilometres later this afternoon, just for good measure. Next week I’ll up the long run to over 60 km.

This photo was taken just after I’d crossed the state line into North Dakota. I was passed by a long line of motor cyclists, of which only a few are in shot here. This was very much part of the prairie region – a monotonous visage, but still a nice place to run.


Nebraska Bikies


On This Day


Jul 19, 2012

Well, after a 3:30 am finish to the party last night, I decided another rest day was in order. As you can imagine from the time, it was a great night, with the guitar making a lengthy appearance.

You can be assured, I will be running tomorrow, heading toward St Louis. In the meantime, we’re spending another night at Sissy and Bob’s in Chicago.