Jul 2, 2012

Distance today = 27.31 km; Total distance = 8653.12 km; Location = Chaseburg – 43 39.603′ N, 91 05.866′ W; Start time = 0924 Finish time = 1405


A planned short day, and wasn’t I glad about that. The humidity was almost as bad as the time I ran at Manaus in the middle of the Amazon. And that was only 5 km, so today’s 27 km probably qualifies as the most difficult conditions I’ve ever run in. I don’t think I could have made 50 km today, even if I had planned to.

I ran 10 km along the Mississippi, before heading inland amongst beautiful green valleys and wooded farmland. I really hope the extreme weather cools down so that I can enjoy the countryside more. There are even little communities of Amish farmers sprinkled throughout these valleys.

We are staying again tonight with Diane and George. Diane made a delicious dinner last night of traditional Wisconsin food, complete with a local version of a hotdog, called “a brat with all the fixin’s” – it’s food to eat while watching Green Bay Packers’ games – great stuff. Once again, we’re tremendously appreciative of their hospitality.

PS I didn’t have tracker reception where I stopped today. I am actually about 15 km further east than where it is currently showing me.