Jul 21, 2016

I ended up with 55 km on Tuesday, though it left me a bit tired. I particularly struggled up hills during yesterday’s short run, and I could still feel the residual effects today. I forgot to mention on Tuesday that the 55 km was done in temperatures of 25 C (77 F). This may not seem too hot, but bear in mind, it is the middle of winter here and I’ve been used to much lower temps over the past month. I think that’s what drained my energy and left me more tired in these following days than I expected to be.

I thought I’d also mention a running product that’s been brought to my attention. I haven’t trialled this myself but, if it works as claimed, I think it’s a no-brainer for runners who like to employ technology. It’s called Stridalyzer. The company claims it’s “a real-time monitoring and guidance technology built specifically for runners. It is a smart wearable device and analytics-based product that can help runners understand and improve their running form, and thus avoid injuries and improve performance. Stridalyzer consists of sensor devices (in the form of Sensor-packed insoles or Pods), Stridalyzer App with its patented real-time biomechanics engine, and Stridalyzer Cloud-based analytics. 

A runner can get real-time measurements like stride length, stride rate, ground contact time in addition to impact stress on feet and knees etc. A voice alert warns the runner of any incorrect running form which causes stress and poses a threat of potential injury. A complete analysis of the run is available after it is finished to provide the runner with important inputs about his/her performance and scope for improvement in running form. The history is stored in the cloud which helps the runner to track his/her performance over a period of time and monitor their improvement”.

You can read more about the Stridalyzer on  www.retisense.com. As I say, I haven’t used the product myself, but it does appear to be something of which runners should be aware. The company has offered a 15% discount to readers of this blog. To redeem the discount you need  to apply the coupon code SUMMERRUN while buying the product from the website http://www.retisense.com/shop/. As always, I am declining to accept anything in return for mentioning this product.

This photo was taken during the heat of the US summer in 2012 during the world run. It was so hot, I simply couldn’t run with a shirt on, although I did cover myself in sun block during each day. The photo also shows how skinny I was at the time.


No shirt in Illinois


On This Day


Jul 21, 2012

Distance today = 50.30 km; Total distance = 9504.57 km; Location = Thawville, Illinois – 40 41.133′ N, 88 06.112′ W; Start time = 0855 Finish time = 1703


I had another good day on the road, although it’s heating up again, and the 36 C temps were too high for it to be comfortable. The landscape is back to green corn fields and soy bean crops, and it’s very flat. Without the heat, it would be very pleasant for running.

There’s not much more to report today – just making my way south (with a touch of west) toward St Louis. Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting – I know it’s predicted to be hotter.


Jul 21, 2013

Distance for today = 52.47 km; Total distance = 23,503.74 km; Location = Port Kenny, South Australia (20 km east of) – 33 02.881’ S, 134 49.130′ E; Start time = 0902, Finish time = 1703


Sun showers and rainbows were the order of the afternoon today. I got a bit wet, but it wasn’t too heavy. The temperature started to drop though, particularly as the afternoon drew to a close.

We bid farewell to more of the team this morning, with Bill and Tony, and Peter and Jane all heading off. We’re hoping to meet up again with the latter two again in about a week.

It was fantastic of Bill and Tony to make the effort to travel so far to be part of the support crew. The Pewter Mug Day was a success too – especially as we all woke up feeling fine.

I am now running in my 16th pair of shoes. I got more than 2,350 km out of the last pair, which were the ones donated to me by the Apalategui running store in San Sebastian, Spain. I’m certainly getting good value out of my shoes.