Jul 21, 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last time trial and I’m looking forward to seeing how I go on Monday. I think I’ll have a crack at my 3 km course again. Last time I ran 11:55. I think I should be able to beat that time – I’ll know in a couple of days.

It has been encouraging to observe the number of people who have contacted the World Runners Association in recent months to enquire about and seek advice regarding running or walking around the world. There are at least four people making plans for their own adventures. I will be sure to inform readers when each of these individuals begins their odyssey.

On this day five years ago I ran from Streaky Bay to Venus Bay. The photo below shows me doing part of this journey with Jeff. That day I ran past an unusual geological formation called Murphy’s Haystacks, seen in the second photo. When we got to Venus Bay, we ran into two cyclists, Danielle and Deb, who we first met some 1,300 km earlier at Fraser Range Station near Norseman in Western Australia. The next day they passed me on our way to Wudinna, which was the last place I ever saw them. Such is the nature of the hellos and goodbyes of a world run.