Jul 21, 2020

Yesterday’s speed work involved a ‘ladder’. I ran the following distances, interspersed by a short jog – 400m (79s), 300m (59s), 200m (38s), 100m (17s). I actually felt like my legs wanted to go fast. I haven’t felt that for some time.

The pandemic has put a temporary halt to most world runs and walks at the moment, but there is one that has recommenced. Lootie has been back on the road for over a month now and is currently in Albania. If you haven’t been following her, you should do so on https://www.lootie-run.com/blog/. She writes an excellent blog and has great photos from each day of her running.

My photos for today encompass the running I did in Illinois in 2012, south of Chicago, as well as some a year later around Streaky Bay in South Australia. The latter photos include one with Chook on the day he ran 55 km, as well as my friends from our school days, Bill and Tony. They’d travelled all the way to this quite remote location for our annual Pewter Mug Day. Here can you see them preparing for the occasion, which took place on Saturday, July 20, 2013, after I’d finished a half day of running. There’s also a shot of the whole support crew from that period, which had swelled to nine.