Jul 22, 2015

My calves are still a bit sore from Sunday, but it’s not causing any issues. I managed a 10 km run this morning, though I was a little slower than normal.

On the subject of using the Sutherland to Surf as a predictor for the City to Surf, there is a point I need to consider. The S2S course has changed in recent years. I used Google Earth to measure the section that has changed, both the old and new versions. The newer course is 110 metres longer. At my racing pace, that equates to about 25 seconds. This means that, were I to have raced the old course on Sunday, I would have completed it in about 41:37. This is only important in terms of the comparison with past times. For example, in 1984 I ran the old S2S course in 41:25 and then the C2S in 53:32 (although a comparison with 1984 might be a bit tenuous). Nevertheless, it gives me a little bit more confidence that I can at least equal my age in the C2S.

Today’s world run photo maintains the prairie theme. If you think you’ve seen the photo before, it’s probably because so many scenes on the prairies, this one in South Dakota, look alike. Easy running, though a little mind-numbing after a while.



On This Day


Jul 22, 2012

Distance today = 51.29 km; Total distance = 9555.86 km; Location = Bellflower, Illinois (5 km north of) – 40 21.786′ N, 88 29.887′ W; Start time = 0840 Finish time = 1644


The weather prediction was for 37 C today, so I approached the day with some trepidation. However, the cloud cover and steady breeze made it a lot more comfortable than I had expected. In the end, I had quite a good day through the corn and soy bean fields.

There is quite a severe drought in this region, and I saw a lot of corn crops today that have pretty much been destroyed by lack of water. This is considered the hottest summer in the US in recorded history, other than 1936 – and that was a somewhat anomalous year where the high temperatures were partially due to the Kansas Dustbowl creating a desert-like effect that trapped the hot weather system. The Weather Channel announced that today there would be 60 million Americans experiencing heat at levels dangerous to a person’s health, with many cities in the 40s Celsius. And here I am running 50 km in it.

I’m sorry to harp on about Garmin watches, but I’ve been disappointed again. After buying a new watch in Chicago, the battery is already deteriorating badly. The first day was fine, then it lasted less the next day, and the next, and today it died before I had finished my run – it lasted less than six and a half hours, despite being advertised as having an eight hour range. I’ve always thought the Garmin cycle computers were good, but the watches leave a lot to be desired. The battery technology is simply not up to scratch. It looks like I am going to have to recharge it in the car each day, which will mean having two tracks per day.

PS There is no mobile phone coverage around here at all, and no internet at the motel (prehistoric), so we have had to go to a restaurant that has wifi. Please note, therefore, that the tracker is showing my position at the restaurant, but the real run position is about 15 km to the south west.

Also, I forgot to bring the attachment for the spare Garmin to the restaurant, so I can’t upload the final 7.29 km of today’s run. I will insert it in this blog when I do my upload tomorrow.


Jul 22, 2013

Distance for today = 58.46 km; Total distance = 23,562.20 km; Location = Pygery, SA – 33 01.248’ S, 135 24.485′ E; Start time = 0848, Finish time = 1714


Another big day, with unsettled weather during the morning. The afternoon, however, was bright and sunny. I was running on a very quiet road, with hardly any traffic at all.

Jeff rode 102 km, passing me late in the morning, along with two girls on bikes, Danielle & Deb, who originally passed me some 1,300 km ago, back at Fraser Range.

If you enjoy reading about my run, you will probably also like to follow Kevin Carr, a young Brit, who will be starting his world run this coming Sunday. His site is www.mountainmarathonman.com. And don’t forget Tony Mangan, on www.theworldjog.com.

Tonight I’m watching the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs go up against Deb’s Dragons. It’s looking like they’ll maintain their lead in the competition, but I won’t speak too soon.