Jul 22, 2022

My heel varies from day to day, which makes it difficult to assess whether I’m making progress. One day it feels better, and the next it might not. So I won’t mention it in every post. I’d rather only mention it over a longer period when it’s more obvious if there’s been a change. That said, it felt pretty good this morning.

Regarding my world run, I had made it on to the Eyre Peninsula by this date in 2013. You can read more about that below.


Jul 19, 2013


Distance for July 18 = 55.91 km; Total distance = 23,365.47 km; Location = Haslam (14 km north of) – 32 25.471’ S, 134 06.030′ E; Start time = 0821, Finish time = 1647

Distance for today = 55.57 km; Total distance = 23,421.04 km; Location = Streaky Bay – 32 47.761’ S, 134 12.664′ E; Start time = 0818, Finish time = 1636



We all had a great time at Carmel’s birthday dinner on Wednesday night, meeting locals and partying at the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel. The weather, however, turned a bit nasty later that night. The wind was gusting so strongly, I kept thinking someone was trying the crash tackle the van.

By Thursday morning, I was dreading getting out on the road. Chook decided to run the first 11 km with me and, in the end, it wasn’t so bad. After about 6 km the road turned south-east, and the north-easterly gale provided the perfect propellant. It was right up my clacker, making the running pretty easy.

Lunch was delicious tuna, avocado, and tomato sandwiches. The past couple of days, however, it was snapper, avocado, and mayonnaise toasted sandwiches, courtesy of the fish that Jeff and Michael caught at Fowler’s Bay. I also feasted on Chook’s tasty potato cakes during the day on Wednesday.

Today belonged to Chook. He ran an incredible 55.57 km with me, his longest run ever. He wanted to beat Dave’s record of 39 km, set in Hungary, for the most anyone has run with me in a single day on the world run. He certainly smashed that record. He also wanted to put it out of the future reach of Dave and The Hud. This could well be the case now. His effort was made all the more amazing by the massive headwind we had to run into during the second half of the day. Needless to say, he is now completely cattle-trucked, and will probably be in bed early tonight – after we celebrate his feat, of course. Silvia also ran 21 km with us, and Michael rode 43 km into the same headwind, including horizontal rain in his face.

Today also saw the arrival of my old school friends, Bill and Tony. They have come from Melbourne and Darwin respectively, for our annual Pewter Mug Day – more on this tomorrow. For now, it’s up to the Streaky Bay Hotel to toast Chook – all ten of us, the biggest group we’ve had on the run so far.


Jul 20, 2013


Distance for today = 30.23 km; Total distance = 23,451.27 km; Location = Streaky Bay (30 km south of) – 32 56.905’ S, 134 28.096′ E; Start time = 0818, Finish time = 1236


Just a short run, ahead of the Pewter Mug Day.

Some history on the PMD. School friends, Bill, Tony, Ren, and myself, all received pewter mugs for our 21st birthdays. Ever since, we’ve tried to get together once a year to drink beer from our mugs. We have met at many different locations, but Streaky Bay is one of the most unusual. Unfortunately, Ren couldn’t make it this time, but we decided to go ahead anyway.

I’m sure you’ll hear more about it in tomorrow’s blog. I know it’s a bit of a risky strategy, getting on a bender when I have to run again tomorrow, but I reckon I’ll handle it OK. After all, a world run is about adventure and having fun – it’s not an elite athletic race.

Chook and Silvia bid us farewell this morning. It was great having them along. After his herculean effort yesterday, he has now run a total of 262 km with me, which is pretty much exactly 1% of my total journey. We’ll now see how Dave and The Hud respond.


Jul 21, 2013


Distance for today = 52.47 km; Total distance = 23,503.74 km; Location = Port Kenny (20 km east of) – 33 02.881’ S, 134 49.130′ E; Start time = 0902, Finish time = 1703


Sun showers and rainbows were the order of the afternoon today. I got a bit wet, but it wasn’t too heavy. The temperature started to drop, though, particularly as the afternoon drew to a close.

We bid farewell to more of the team this morning, with Bill and Tony, and Peter and Jane all heading off. We’re hoping to meet up again with the latter two again in about a week.

It was fantastic of Bill and Tony to make the effort to travel so far to be part of the support crew. The Pewter Mug Day was a success too – especially as we all woke up feeling fine.

I am now running in my 16th pair of shoes. I got more than 2,350 km out of the last pair, which were the ones donated to me by the Apalategui running store in San Sebastian, Spain. I’m certainly getting good value out of my shoes.


Jul 22, 2013


Distance for today = 58.46 km; Total distance = 23,562.20 km; Location = Pygery – 33 01.248’ S, 135 24.485′ E; Start time = 0848, Finish time = 1714


Another big day, with unsettled weather during the morning. The afternoon, however, was bright and sunny. I was running on a very quiet road, with hardly any traffic at all.

Jeff rode 102 km, passing me late in the morning, along with two girls on bikes, Danielle & Deb, who originally passed me some 1,300 km ago, back at Fraser Range.

If you enjoy reading about my run, you will probably also like to follow Kevin Carr, a young Brit, who will be starting his world run this coming Sunday. His site is www.mountainmarathonman.com. And don’t forget Tony Mangan, on www.theworldjog.com.

Tonight I’m watching the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs go up against Deb’s Dragons. It’s looking like they’ll maintain their lead in the competition, but I won’t speak too soon.