Jul 30, 2013

Distance for today = 53.25 km; Total distance = 23,992.97 km; Location = Yacka – 33 37.128’ S, 138 26.824′ E; Start time = 0823, Finish time = 1653


Another solid day, as I moved south in to the Clare Valley. I expect we’ll be enjoying a few nice reds in the days to come.

Earlier in the day I passed through the towns of Gladstone and Georgetown, both historic and quaint, with well documented plaques and photographs showing each in its heyday. The remainder of the day was through lovely green farming country.

We are still travelling with Bernie and Lesley, whose generosity we greatly appreciate. Last night we were also joined by Bob and Sue Quin, as well as Reefton Humblewood and Sarita.

Quinny is one of the legends of the Tour de Bois, and his witty plays of words are now universally known as Quinisms. Reefton, despite possessing one of the most lyrical and unique names in the world, is also known by many alternatives, including Rodney Holmes a’Coy and Yorso Veinenshort. We should all have a great time over the next few days.