Jul 30, 2018

Well, the best I could manage for a lap of Centennial Park this morning was 15:40, exactly the same time as three weeks ago. I guess this wasn’t too bad, as I was feeling very tired and my legs were very heavy during the warmup. And that was after three easy days prior to today. On top of that, I hurt my right Achilles again. This time it’s on the outside of the tendon. It’s nothing serious at this stage, but all these symptoms together indicate I need a bit of a rest, so I’ll be taking it easy for the rest of this week.

I made a mistake in the last post. The final photo was not of the main street of Wilmington. Instead, it was the from the following day and was the main street of the town of Wirrabara. Today’s photos are from this day five years ago as I was approaching the Clare Valley. The second photo is particularly typical of the Clare and, as you can see, was the day I reached 24,000 km for the world run.