Jul 31, 2017

For a non-mountain stage, we did a lot of climbing today. We covered 124.3 km with 1,842 metres (over 6,000 feet) of climbing (Garmin link below). It was easy for the first 20 km, until we rode over the Rhone River and started up the Central Massif. In fact, our stage was pretty much the reverse of a stage from the Tour de France a couple of weeks ago, won by Michael Matthews in Romans-sur-Isere.

So, in total we’re now just short of 900 km, with almost 12,000 metres (40,000 feet) of cumulative ascent. And that’s in just one week.

One interesting aspect of last night’s dinner was that we sat at an outside pizzeria right on my world run route. I recall running past that exact point more than four years ago as I passed through Romans.

I’ve never been to Le Puy before, but I have to say, there are some extremely spectacular monuments and buildings here. It’s certainly a town (perhaps a small city is a better description) worth visiting.


Here’s a photo of the three of us in Romans before we started riding this morning.