Jul 5, 2021

I’m a bit tired of the 400 m and 500 m time trials I’ve been doing, so I had a crack at 1 km again this morning. At 3:38, it wasn’t fast, but it was faster than the 3:42 I ran a couple of months ago. And I wasn’t at full pace, so I’m reasonably pleased with that effort.

Today’s video is a TV news clip from Wisconsin. Again, an incorrect reference to Guinness World Records is made, including by me, but that was before I realised Guinness has no authority over athletic world records.


Jul 3, 2012


Distance today = 50.11 km; Total distance = 8703.23 km; Location = Westby – 43 39.670′ N, 90 51.174′ W; Start time = 0835 Finish time = 1646


The morning conditions were much better, but it didn’t last. The early afternoon, in particular, was stifling. At one point I thought I was going to pass out. But a few drinks and some food from Carmel helped, and the rest of the afternoon was pretty good.

Once again, the scenery was just so beautiful, with tranquil valleys and streams mixed in among green forests and pastures. I even passed a spring this afternoon, and had a drink of pure water coming out of the side of a cliff. It’s hard to beat western Wisconsin.

The milestone for the day was passing the 30% mark for the journey. I’m now closing in on the one-third milestone.

We’re staying one more night with Diane and George, so I commuted back this afternoon, and will head back to my finishing point in the morning. They have been such fantastic hosts – we couldn’t ask for more. Their home looks out over the Mississippi River, and I can see the water flowing slowly downstream as I write – the perfect setting to relax in after a long run in the heat.


Jul 4, 2012


Distance today = 43.06 km; Total distance = 8746.29 km; Location = Tomah (12 km south of) – 43 53.183′ N, 90 32.923′ W; Start time = 0958 Finish time = 1721


I reached another major milestone today – I passed the one-third mark of my run around the world.

And just for a change, the Fourth of July was even hotter. As I mentioned a few days ago, I take a thermometer with me now so I can know the real temperature on the road, not what it is in some shaded weather station. Today it reached 115F (46C).

Luckily I had Carmel stopping to provide me with a drink every mile and a half. It’s not possible to survive without such regular drink stops in heat like this.

I normally consider wind to be the weather element I like least, but today I was craving it. A headwind, tailwind, crosswind, anything that diminishes the effect of the humidity. Unfortunately, it was pretty much still all day long.

Once again the landscape was truly beautiful. Hopefully I’ll get to enjoy it under more favourable weather conditions before I run out of the region.

Finally, another big thank you to Diane and George for their hospitality over the past three days. They really are great people, and they live in a great part of the world.


Jul 5, 2012


Distance today = 51.50 km; Total distance = 8797.79 km; Location = Necedah (3 km west of) – 44 01.474′ N, 90 06.366′ W; Start time = 0845 Finish time = 1735


Sorry to keep harping on about the heat recently, but today warrants it. It was predicted to be the hottest day of the week, and it was. In the sun this afternoon, the thermometer read 137°F (58°C). I’m not sure what the official “in the shade” temp was, but it was well over 40°C.

I can’t remember being in conditions like that before, let alone running in it. And to boot, I covered 51.5 km. I must reiterate, I could not have done this if Carmel had not been there with cold drinks, icy towels, and cold water to spray on me every mile or so.

I feel I have now managed a bit of a “bucket list” achievement – to have run over 50 km in temperatures reaching 58°C. I would never have considered it possible, and I hope I don’t have to do it again.

Anyhow, I got through the day, and the forecast is for tomorrow to be a bit cooler, followed by an even cooler weekend – I hope.