Jul 6, 2012

Distance today = 50.15 km; Total distance = 8847.94 km; Location = Coloma (4 km west of) – 44 01.304′ N, 89 33.900′ W; Start time = 0835 Finish time = 1737



I won’t go on about the heat today. Yes, it was extremely hot, but I’m sick of talking about it.

Instead, I’ll focus on some positives. Today I crossed from the far quadrant of the Western Hemisphere to the near quadrant of the Western Hemisphere. In other words, I crossed the 90 degrees west meridian. This means I’m now closer to the Greenwich Meridian (0 degrees) than I am to the International Date Line (180 degrees).

I was also met by a film crew from TV Channel WBAY 2. They did an interview on the road and some filming. That clip should be airing tonight.

And now for something completely unrelated to this run, but it’s a topic I’d like to mention anyway. As many know, I have been involved for the past 20 years in developing a technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into electricity. I even founded a company, now called Oceanlinx, which has now successfully developed the technology to the point where it it is cost competitive with the best of other renewable energy sources for large scale projects.

The company has just announced it has been successful in attracting the necessary funding to demonstrate the latest commercial version of its technology in a project in South Australia. This funding is an equal mix of private investment and a grant from the Australian Federal Government. The project will take about a year before it is operational.

After several earlier demonstration projects, which were designed to prove out the technology, this final demonstration of the commercial viability of the technology will be a very exciting milestone, and not just for Oceanlinx – it will mark the coming of age for the wave energy sector as a whole. Expect to see many more Oceanlinx wave energy converters installed around the world in years to come. I will continue to provide updates on the project throughout my run. If interested, please visit www.oceanlinx.com.

Finally, on a negative note, I am having major technology problems with my Garmin watch, due mostly to the hot weather. It has been bathed in sweat all day every day of late, and this has severely corroded the battery terminals. It is proving extremely difficult to recharge the watch. Last night it only recharged roughly 50%, which meant I had to employ the spare Garmin during the middle of the day while the watch begrudgingly partially recharged in the car. I am going to have to get a new watch soon. If I can’t get the current one recharged on a daily basis, I’ll have to use the spare in the interim, which unfortunately is an old version and doesn’t provide mapping of my daily course.