Jul 6, 2020

I could only manage a 3:33 for my 1 km time trial today. And I suspect it’s because my weight has been creeping up this past month. I’ve always found there is an almost perfect correlation between weight and running times. The lighter I am, the faster I am. If I can drop a couple of kilos, I reckon I could run a 3:25.

Both videos today were featured on television. The first made it on to the Wisconsin News in 2012 and the second is from when I crossed paths with former AFL legend, Shane Crawford, on the Nullarbor Plain. He was cycling from Melbourne to Perth at the time. This clip appeared on the AFL Footy Show on Channel 9.

There are also photos from both occasions, including one of Shane and his cycling partner and their pink support vehicles approaching me that day, and a couple where Jeff is keeping me company toward the end of my day of running.