Jun 12, 2017

I’m still only able to do very short runs and at a very slow pace. And I now suspect the issue may be the result of some damage to my sciatic nerve. It’s not a nerve pain in the sense of a sharp shooting sensation. It’s more a case of an overall weakness in the muscles around the pelvic/gluteal region.

It originally came on after a long drive. Subsequent long bouts of sitting have made it worse. But it’s always better after a day of minimal sitting. In fact, the pain has subsided on both occasions I’ve done 50 km runs, only to return after doing further sitting.

I may be wrong, but it’s worth seeing if I can detect further improvement from minimal sitting. I’m planning another 50 km this Friday. I really need to be seeing a significant improvement by then. The race is only 12 days away.

This photo was taken from the window of our hotel in the small German town of Oberviechtach, close to the Czech border, during my world run. Carmel had huge trouble finding somewhere for us to stay that night. Thankfully, she did, and the place we ended up in was very pleasant, along with the associated restaurant.



On This Day


Jun 12, 2012

Distance today = 51.85 km; Total distance = 7679.05 km; Location = Detroit Lakes, Minnesota – 46 49.507′ N, 95 48.739′ W; Start time = 0829, Finish time = 1646


It was one of those perfect days for running – temps between 15 C and 20 C, with a slight breeze at my back. Coupled with the beautiful scenery in northern Minnesota, it really made for a top day on the road.

The farms in this region look like they’re doing very well. The crops are stunning, with bright greens being de rigueur. The wheat here is different to the golden colour I’m used to in Australia. It’s a very deep green – at least at this early season stage – similar to the green of the leaves of an iris. I haven’t seen a lot of sheep so far in the US, but what I have seen have been gigantic; half way in size between Australian sheep and cattle.

Sad to see so many tortoises (terrapins to be more precise) squashed on the shoulders of the roads. I guess it means there are plenty of them around.

We’re staying tonight right on the shore of Detroit Lake – a fantastic location. Don’t confuse it with Detroit City in Michigan, which is a long way from here. In two days so far, I’ve been very impressed with Minnesota. I’m looking forward to running many more kilometres here.

PS Thanks to Jimbo for repairing yesterday’s bad Garmin file. The link has been inserted into yesterday’s blog.


Jun 12, 2013

Distance today = 50.54 km; Total distance = 21,401.77 km; Location = Grass Valley, Western Australia – 31 38.042’ S, 116 47.964′ E; Start time = 0738, Finish time = 1554


Another day of ideal weather, and I’m back to 50 km days. I ran for most of the day on the Great Eastern Highway, although I was able to briefly use a parallel side road, which was much quieter. Grace ran the last 5 km with me.

I passed through the town of Northam during the early afternoon, and grabbed a falafel kebab for lunch. I couldn’t believe the price – $11. I knew Australia was expensive, but WA seems to be even more so.

The tracker is showing me in Northam, although I stopped the day some 13 km further east, at the town of Grass Valley. The Garmin also malfunctioned temporarily, adding 22.3 km to my total which I hadn’t done. I assume there was some problem picking up the correct satellites. I have subtracted this 22.3 km from the Garmin data.

I am now over the mountain range, and will be experiencing much flatter running for a some time to come. But it will all be on the highway – at least the traffic is thinning out now.