Jun 13, 2016

I ended up totalling 120 km last week, my biggest in two months. I felt good throughout, with not a peep from my calf. I still don’t feel ready yet for any speed work though, but will begin to incorporate it back in to my training as soon as I sense it’s time.

I did enjoy running for a couple of days in a different location to my usual runs – this time around the Shellharbour and Warilla region, as part of my weekend away attending my old football club’s 50 year reunion.

Here’s a photo from Newport Rhode Island during my world run. On this occasion I took the shot. From left to right are Chook, his brother Don, Carmel, and Gregor. Gregor, who I’ve collaborated extensively with in regard to testing wave energy concepts, was there for an international conference. He met me on the road again the following year, just a few days before the finish of my run.


One Pelham East


On This Day


Jun 13, 2012

Distance today = 51.31 km; Total distance = 7730.36 km; Location = Park Rapids, Minnesota (10 km west of) – 46 55.210′ N, 95 10.299′ W; Start time = 0834, Finish time = 1648



It was probably my slowest day yet, for two reasons. I just didn’t have anything in my legs today – that was one reason. The other was because of all the stops I had to make to get small rocks out of my shoes.

At least the tough day was tempered by beautiful scenery. I ran much of the day through forests, dotted with lakes. That made it easier to take. I also saw what I think were two baby beavers by the side of the road. I shooed them back toward the nearby lake so that they weren’t tempted to cross the busy road.

I also ran past a lake which is quite unique. The Indian word for the lake is something like “lake that flows in two directions”. Two creeks emanate from the small lake, one eventually emptying in the Atlantic via the Mississippi, the other into the Arctic Ocean.

For the past week or more I have noticed that almost every church I have passed has been Lutheran. I assume a lot of German immigrants settled this region in the past. There are definitely many names of German origin. One exception today was the Northwoods Cowboy Church – what the……????

I finished my day of running about 10 km outside the town or Park Rapids, where Carmel picked me up. As we were heading to town, a mother duck with about eight ducklings waddled straight out in front of the car. Luckily Carmel was able to brake and avoid them. We would have felt very bad if we’d squashed a whole family of duckies.

A quick update on the Red Wine Value Quotient – I simply have not come close to tasting a red that compares in value to the $1.79 bottle from California back in February. Sorry about that. How strange if the winner ends up coming from the very first few days of the competition.


Jun 13, 2013

Distance today = 53.39 km; Total distance = 21,455.16 km; Location = Cunderdin, Western Australia (7 km east of) – 31 38.666’ S, 117 19.129′ E; Start time = 0811, Finish time = 1641


I certainly can’t complain about the weather any more. The conditions were again perfect. The running was fairly uneventful, but I did get to spend a large part of the afternoon on a dirt road, parallel to the main highway. Grace ran about 4 km with me, but her knees were giving her some trouble. Hopefully they will get stronger over the next week.

Shane came up from Perth last night, along with my old drinking buddy, Keith, who now lives in Perth. We had a great evening. Luckily, Keith had a very early start this morning, so the night was not too late. Six pints was just about right.

I have also been eating more junk food than normal. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $8 for a pre-made burger today, so I opted for the old-fashioned Chiko Roll. All that boiled cabbage and carrots were perfect for running.

Late this morning I passed through the town of Meckering. There is a sign before the town, indicating the fault line from an earthquake which occurred in 1968. It pretty much destroyed the town. There are now signs where the main street stood, showing where all the shops once were. I also passed the location of where one of the rabbit proof fences once crossed the highway. There’s no sign of it anymore.

Tomorrow I head on toward Kalgoorlie.