Jun 14, 2017

I’m getting more and more confident that I should be OK for the Big Red Run, which starts in ten days. I’m noticing a distinct improvement, though it’s still far from perfect. However, if the improvement continues at a similar rate, I feel I’ll get through the race without too many dramas. The big test will be this Friday, when I have another 50 km training run planned. It will be my last big effort prior to the race. I’ll post about it on Friday afternoon.

I received more race information yesterday, and noticed that I’m sharing a tent during the race with a South African guy. I assume that, given he’s travelled so far for the race, he must be the favourite and should be well ahead of me. So it will be interesting to get his perspective on the race after each stage.

This photo was taken soon after I crossed over the border from Germany into Czechia (that’s the name many people are calling the country these days) during my run around the world. It was still to be many days before I saw the sun or was able to run without wearing thermals.



On This Day


Jun 14, 2012

Distance today = 55.12 km; Total distance = 7785.48 km; Location = Walker, Minnesota – 47 06.082′ N, 94 35.394′ W; Start time = 0832, Finish time = 1746



As I’ve said before, a day can be a long time in journey running. After yesterday’s tough one, today was a joy.

Most of the day was spent on the Heartland Trail, an old rail trail that runs from Park Rapids to Walker and beyond. The scenery was absolutely stunning – lush forests populated with deer, rabbits, ducks, and squirrels. There were also many lakes, some with beaver dams. It was one of the best days of running I’ve ever had. I didn’t even notice the 55 km.

I once again crossed both a latitude and longitude (also known as a parallel and a meridian respectively). These were 47 N and 95 W. I’m gradually making progress.

Finally, a less savoury sidelight. If you’re squeamish, turn away now. I bought some lunch today and had just put the last bit into my mouth. Just seconds later I lifted the lid off a garbage bin to put the food wrapper in. I almost gagged. Besides the smell, the whole inside was completely infested with maggots. And here was me with a mouthful of food. I was so close to bringing it all up!!!

Anyhow, sorry about that, but I’m trying to relate the full experience of the run. These things happen!


Jun 14, 2013

Distance today = 52.94 km; Total distance = 21,508.10 km; Location = Kellerberrin, WA (13 km east of) – 31 37.176’ S, 117 51.022′ E; Start time = 0740, Finish time = 1613


Who ate all the pies? I think I might be a candidate. Too many pies and not enough vegetables has left me feeling a bit below par. I can get away with it under normal circumstances, but it catches up with me when I’m running over 50 km each day.

I still managed to get through 53 km today, which was pleasing. There was a lot more running on parallel dirt roads. The highway is not too bad, but the road trains almost stop me in my tracks when they pass by.

The Garmin seems to be doing the occasional weird thing, like placing me somewhere I’m not for an instant, then having me back in my real position – makes me feel like a virtual quantum particle. It happened today when I went into a roadhouse to get a drink. The satellites must be getting confused at times.

I had lunch with the girls in a café in Kellerberrin, and nearly fainted when the chicken burger cost $14. The mining boom is really pushing up the cost of living in WA. It makes it hard on the budget of a lowly world runner.

I finished the day with a few drops of rain falling, but it doesn’t look like it will set in. Hopefully tomorrow will be clear and sunny. The wind, however, always seems to be in my face, which makes the day that much harder.