Jun 18, 2016

I’ve felt a little tired during my runs over the past couple of days. I guess that’s to be expected, as I’ll have covered at least 240 km during the past two weeks, and have started to incorporate some speed into my runs too. I’ll take it a bit easier tomorrow to freshen up for the week ahead.

I love this photo below. I’m just a head and upper torso running through the corn fields of Illinois during the summer of 2012. There was actually a paved road underneath me, not that you’d know from the photograph.


Corn Fields in Wisconsin


On This Day


Jun 18, 2012

Distance today = 50.08 km; Total distance = 7983.51 km; Location = Floodwood, Minnesota (15 km east of) – 46 55.603′ N, 92 42.842′ W; Start time = 0848, Finish time = 1657


Another solid 50 km day. I am finding it easier to stick to this distance than to vary the distances too much. The morning was cool and overcast, while the afternoon was sunny, hot, and humid.

After passing through the town of Floodwood, I started down a minor road – Highway 8 – which turned into gravel. I’m on it now, and there’s no way off for the next half day or so. It’s pretty good for a dirt road, though.

Today was another when I crossed both a parallel (47 deg N) and a meridian (93 deg W). I must be making progress.


Jun 18, 2013

Distance today = 60.54 km; Total distance = 21,729.34 km; Location = Yellowdine, Western Australia (35 km east of) – 31 16.203’ S, 120 00.934′ E; Start time = 0735, Finish time = 1713


Today was my first run over 60 km since April 3 last year. I felt pretty good for most of the day, but the best I felt was during the last 3 km. Why? I don’t know, but I’ll take it.

It was very chilly when I started out. In fact, the car’s windscreen was completely covered in ice this morning. But I’ll always vote for cold over heat when it comes to running  weather.

I am now running on one of the most remote stretches of the whole run so far. It is 186 km from Southern Cross to Coolgardie, and I’m planning on completing it in three days. So far, so good. Between Yellowdine and Coolgardie, a distance of 156 km, there is absolutely nothing – no towns, shops, petrol stations, or anything else – just scrubby bush. There will be a bit of commuting to and from my stopping points.

It feels a little surreal to be running from Perth to Sydney. It is one of those iconic trips for drivers, like Route 66, but running it makes the whole experience that much more unique. Despite the lack of variety, I’m really enjoying the run so far. I hope I can say the same after the Nullarbor.