Jun 26, 2019

Only three days now till the Royal Double Ultra. I’m scaling down my running so that I’m reasonably fresh for the event, although I don’t taper these days like I used to do for shorter races in the past. I’m keen to see how I go in my first race for two years.

On this day in 2012 I reached the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. There are a couple of videos below, one from just north of the cities, and the other as I crossed the Mississippi River into Minneapolis. There are also some photos from that time, including one of me enjoying a drink at a really nice rooftop bar we found in the fringe suburb of White Bear Lake.

There are also a couple of photos of Sherla and David (including Carmel in one photo), a nice couple we stayed with in St Paul. We’d originally met them in the small New Mexico town of Madrid a couple of months earlier, and they invited us to stay if (and we did) passed through their city.