Jun 29, 2019

An interim update on the Royal Double Ultra: I finished the 50 km (actually, my Garmin measured it as 50.65 km) in a tick over 5 hours. My average moving pace, not counting the drink stops after each lap (the Garmin watch gives that stat) was 5:51 per km. The race was limited to 70 starters, and I believe I’m in 17th place at the half way mark.

After the first 3 km I was in 2nd last place. It wasn’t that I sped up after that – each of my laps was almost exactly an hour – but more an indication that so many others slowed down. The young guys up the front really put the pace on, though, finishing in around 3:50.

It was a tough course, with some extremely steep up and downhill sections on uneven and very rocky fire trails. It wasn’t a course that suits me, so I was pleased to finish in 17th place. Tomorrow will be the big test on a different course, not just for me, but for all the other runners too. Let’s see if I can make up some places.

You can see my Garmin stats for the day by clicking on https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3793708457