Jun 30, 2019

Well, the second day of the Royal Double Ultra didn’t turn out as I’d hoped. At about the 11 km mark I strained a quad muscle when I jumped over a large puddle. It reduced me to a walk, which meant I had no chance of making the strict time cutoff that applied at the end of the second lap. It made no sense to continue after finishing the first lap (16.7 km), so I called it quits. So I’ll just have to be content with 17th place for Day 1’s 50 km. Anyhow, it was sort of two separate 50 km races anyway (different courses), with some people only doing one or the other.

I don’t think the strain is too bad – probably about a week to get better – but if I’d continued, it would almost certainly have gotten worse. It’s a similar injury to that which my old mate, Timmy Franklin, suffered at the Big Red Run two years ago. However, he was leading the race at the time and ended up giving up several places on the final day. By the way, Tim is contemplating a run around the world. I think he’s capable of setting a new world record, if he does give it a go.