Jun 6, 2016

I managed a run of 21 km this morning, and didn’t feel the calf at all. The only issue was my legs started to fatigue a little due to a lack of solid mileage in recent weeks. But the progress is very positive and I should be back to normal by next week.

Many readers may think they’ve previously seen the photo below. But you haven’t. It looks very similar to one I’ve posted in the past, but this one sees me further up the pass on the Chilean side of the Andes. I was still less than half way up this series of hairpins at this point. As difficult as it appears, it really wasn’t that hard. However, it certainly was a magical running experience.




On This Day


Jun 6, 2012

Distance today = 50.03 km; Total distance = 7368.41 km; Location = Summit, South Dakota (5 km west of) – 45 18.697′ N, 97 06.196′ W; Start time = 0826, Finish time = 1646



Sorry folks, today’s offering is going to have to be short. Lots of other commitments to attend to.

The day involved a TV interview with KDLT, an NBC affiliate, which featured on the South Dakota News tonight. The clip will be up on this web site soon. Also an interview with Terry from Watertown’s People’s Opinion newspaper.

Had a problem with my right leg today – it felt like it wasn’t working, and the left leg had to do all the work – something I’m going to have to work on.

I passed the 45 degree north latitude today, which means I’m now closer to the North Pole than I am to the Equator.

The tracker shows me about 15 km further south than my true position. Also, due to many stoppages today, the watch battery gave out, so there are two Garmin links.

Finally, I’d like to give a huge thanks to the Bittersweet Lodge for putting us up tonight, virtually free of charge. It was a very generous gesture, which we greatly appreciate. The place is great, and I’d honestly say that, even if we had received no reduction – a gem of a place, sitting right in the middle of some lovely rural countryside. It’s very reminiscent of regional France.