Jun 7, 2020

Another 125 km this week, which has pretty much been my average mileage for the past couple of months. I really should have an easier week at some stage soon, but I’m feeling ok, so this coming week will probably be similar to recent times.

In early June of 2012 I found myself running in the eastern part of South Dakota, through Watertown, on my way up into North Dakota. A local television station came out to do a story, which you can view via the video below. There are some photos from that occasion too. And if you look carefully at the photo of the bikies, you’ll see me on the road in the background.

As was common at the time, Guinness World Records was mentioned. It was only later that it became known that GWR has no jurisdiction in regard to athletic world records. It’s actually the World Runners Association that administers the world record for Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot, and I was pleased to finish my run around the world having set a new record for this event.