Jun 9, 2020

I settled on another session of 8 x 100 metres yesterday, averaging around 18 seconds. These days my legs don’t go much faster than that. It’s funny to think that my fastest ever 1 km of 2:37 equates to running ten non-stop 100 metre sprints averaging 15.7 secs each. Now I probably couldn’t run a single 100 metre sprint in 15.7 secs. And, of course, it’s way off my fastest ever 100 metres of 10.9 secs, back when I was 17 years old. But that was a long time ago.

Today’s video is from my first full day of running in North Dakota, on this date in 2012. It was my first really hot day, and was about to get a lot hotter still. The photos are from the same day, with the ‘feet shot’ speaking for itself.