June 21, 2013

Distance today = 38.45 km; Total distance = 21,888.01 km; Location = Kalgoorlie – 30 45.052’ S, 121 28.137′ E; Start time = 0815, Finish time = 1432


After the effort of three consecutive 60 km days, it was nice to have a short one. I ran from the Gold Rush Motel in Coolgardie to the Midas Motel in Kalgoorlie, a total of just over 38 km. Both motels have been very generous in providing us with accommodation free of cost.

Both towns owe their existence to gold mining. Coolgardie was the original boom town, but was soon overshadowed by Kalgoorlie, and still is to this day. Both still boast productive reserves of gold. There are numerous mines between the two towns, as I found out today. I also found several coins on the side of the road, one of them a 2 cent coin. These haven’t been in circulation for years.

I was met by a small team from the local Kalgoorlie newspaper on my arrival in the town, conducting a short interview before I reached the motel. Arriving early, I indulged in the luxury of an afternoon nap.

Grace flies home in the morning. It has been great having her along. She has totalled over 40 km with me on the road. This places her fifth on the list of most kilometres run with me, behind Chook, Barry, Dave, and The Hud. We’ll be dropping Grace at the airport tomorrow, and I’ll then start heading out of Kalgoorlie. The Nullarbor beckons.