Mar 1, 2021

Today’s world run blog posts take me through Malibu and Los Angeles. There are a couple of videos included too. It was one of my favourite times on the world run, with so much happening and things to see.

I did make the mistake at the time of stating that LA was the last time I’d see the Pacific Ocean on my run until I was almost back in Sydney. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, as I was to see it again earlier than that when I started the South American leg in Chile later in that year of 2012.


Feb 27, 2012


Distance today = 52.28 km; Total distance = 2652.39 km; Location = Malibu – 34 01.817′ N, 118 45.282′ W; Start time = 0921, Finish time = 1657


Today was a bit of a slog. Temperatures have dropped and the wind was icy. But I did know there’d be days like this.

I spent a lot of time on the Pacific Coastal Highway to Malibu. When I finally reached the town I was sure I could hear the sound of Charlie Waffles singing “Who Cut the Cheese”, coming from one of the seaside houses. Then again, Charlie Waffles is dead. I must have been imagining it.

It was one of those days that are good to finish. Tomorrow I head into Los Angeles, where we will be catching up with a former student of Carmel’s – who she taught in Kindergarten in 1981. We will actually be staying in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, the Ellen show informed us they have a full schedule at the moment, but will be following the progress of the run. Maybe in the future. It was nice to know they  phoned in the first place.


Feb 28, 2012


Distance today = 51.62 km; Total distance = 2704.01 km; Location = Hollywood – 34 04.562′ N, 118 21.868′ W; Start time = 0858, Finish time = 1646


I was somewhat dreading today, as running into a city as huge as Los Angeles is traditionally considered a necessary evil, including by me.

But I had a great day. Starting in Malibu, I ran along the Pacific Coastal Highway, before reaching the long strip of beach that runs from the north down past the airport. I ran along the beach path for many Ks, past the Santa Monica Pier (a classic old style pier, complete with an amusement park that includes a roller coaster), and then past Venice Beach. What a unique place that is, with everything from the talented to the alternative, to the just plain weird. I recommend it as a stop for anyone visiting LA.

I turned inland just before LA International Airport (is there are song in that?) and headed up to our hotel in Hollywood, past many well-known streets, such as Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard. We’re about to head out for dinner – stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.

PS I am struggling to find anything much to eat during the day here in the US other than burgers. I can get a burger just about anywhere, but rarely anything else. I may be the first person ever to run 50+ km per day for months and actually put on weight.


Feb 29, 2012


Distance today = 34.39 km; Total distance = 2738.40 km; Location = Pasadena West – 34 08.104′ N, 118 12.925′ W; Start time = 0934, Finish time = 1441


Last night was one of those special occasions.  We met up with Valeria, a former student of Carmel’s, who she had first taught in Kindergarten in 1981. Valeria moved to LA in 1987 and has been here ever since, working in the show business industry. She was even in Sister Act 2 with Whoopi Goldberg. Last night was the first time Carmel and Valeria have seen each other in 25 years. It was a great evening.

Today I decided I’d keep it short so that the support crew could have an extra day playing tourist in LA. I didn’t want to run through the city itself, so headed around it via the Hollywood Hills. I passed the Chateau Marmont, where John Belushi died, and then made my way up Laurel Canyon. This is where many famous musicians have lived in the past, including Joni Mitchell, Jim Morrison, and Frank Zappa.

From there, it was down into the valley on the other side, over to Burbank and on to my finishing point in Pasadena West, which is otherwise known as Eagle Rock (I can hear another song coming on).

Yesterday was the last time I will see the Pacific Ocean on my run around the world until I make it back to the Australian east coast in over a year and half’s time. It will feel strange knowing that I will see it from the other side, having made my way around the world on foot.


Mar 1, 2012


Distance today = 59.92 km; Total distance = 2798.32 km; Location = Ontario – 34 04.667′ N, 117 37.099′ W; Start time = 0914, Finish time = 1748


Today was an experience in LA suburbia. It was a long 60 km through built-up areas which once were small and large towns in their own right, but have long since been absorbed into the conurbation that is now known as Greater Los Angeles. This city is truly huge. I was already well into the city when I started today, I covered 60 km from west to east, and I still have plenty more to go before I’m actually out of the city. And I thought Sydney was large.

All the same, it was more pleasant than I expected, but I’ll take the quieter countryside any time. One nice aspect was that the Angeles National Park was looming to the north throughout the day. Among its peaks is Mount Baldy, where there is often a mountain top finish in cycling’s Tour of California.

I also got to wear my new official running gear, kindly posted to me by my sponsors, Next Digital. You will start to see me in this gear in the photographs from now on.

And stay tuned in regard to the RWVQ (red wine value quotient). I have had several suggestions from readers, all red wine aficionados in their own right, and I am attempting to incorporate their views in the RWVQ. I expect to have a refined version in the coming days.

Finally, if you are a reader of the blog who likes to look at the Garmin link, you will notice today’s data only goes up to 25 km. Somehow the GPS watch did not fully charge last night, and was about to run out when I stopped it at 25 km. I then took out my spare (my cycling Garmin), which I hadn’t used since NZ, only to find that it had almost no charge. Luckily I have two further backup plans (based on the i-Phone), and put these into operation, although they don’t result in data backed up to the Garmin website. I did some videoing at recognisable sites, though. It’s not my preferred option, but at least it’s some form of verification that I was where I claimed to be.

PS I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend last night, Peter Mensah. Peter is an actor, currently living in Hollywood, and has had roles in several movies and TV series, including Tears of the Sun, 300, Spartacus, True Blood, and Avatar. His star is on the rise, so keep an eye out for him in these and other productions in times to come.