Mar 10, 2015

I’m really pleased I’ve come through the long run on Sunday with (apparent) flying colours. The Achilles feels fine, so I’ll be attempting an even longer run this coming Friday. If I can complete that too without issues, I should be well on track to a successful Anzac Ultra of 140 km. The race starts on April 10 (although there are other longer versions starting earlier in the week).

For those in the US and Canada, you should be able to purchase a copy of the latest edition of Runner’s World magazine when you awake. I’m keen to hear some feedback on the article about my world run.

Kevin Carr is currently racing to make Buenos Aires by tomorrow night to avoid missing his scheduled flight to Ireland for the next leg of his world run. He’s been putting in extraordinarily big days of up to 85 km, and may need to step it up even further. Fingers crossed he makes it, as the flight cancellation costs he’ll otherwise incur are astronomical – something world runners can’t afford on tight budgets. His stroller (remember, he transports all his gear in it as he runs) is on it’s last legs. He’ll be ditching it in BA.


On This Day


Mar 10, 1978

The day I received my driver’s license (just thought I’d throw that one in for the sake of a bit of trivia).


Mar 10, 2012

Distance today = 47.47; Total distance = 3261.06 km; Location = 8 km east of Quartzsite, Arizona – 33 40.433′ N, 114 08.058′ W; Start time = 0829, Finish time = 1552


Sometimes you know when you wake up that it’s going to be a hard day. Today didn’t disappoint.

I awoke feeling well below par, and with a bad case of “the runs”. I really didn’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone on the road, despite it being a lovely day. But I did regardless.

It was a hard slog across the Colorado River and into Arizona, and then the road I was following turned to a very rough and rocky gravel surface. The going was difficult and I was constantly feeling the sharp rocks through my shoes. I was also having to regularly duck into the bushes. Eventually the road turned back to bitumen – small mercies.

I pushed on to the 34 km mark, where I had to make another unscheduled pitstop in the bushes – only this time I stood on some sort of cactus thorns which went right through my running shoes. I had to spend the next 20 minutes digging thorns out of the shoes before I could run again.

Finally, as I was nearing my planned 50 km for the day, the road turned to an even worse surface. Given that the support vehicle was due to pick me up soon, I called and asked the crew to come and get me earlier. I definitely didn’t want them driving Chook’s car on this goat track that doubled as a road.

So I cut the day short by a few kilometres, but was ultimately very pleased to have covered a good distance when feeling poorly. It’s a good psychological filip to be able to knock over nearly 50 km when feeling so below par. I’m glad to say, however, that I’m on the improve. I’m sure it was something I ate. Libby appears to have a similar affliction.

The milestone for the day was passing 2,000 miles. It might sound like a lot, but my good friend, Tony Mangan, recently passed 10,000 miles in the Ecuadorian Andes. OK, he started 15 months before me, but it’s still a mighty achievement, doing it on his own – no support crew for that tough dude.

We lost an hour today when crossing a time zone into Arizona. It’s the first time I’ve ever run across a time zone. There will be many more to come. Tomorrow we lose another hour due to daylight saving starting here in the US. It’s going to be hard to wake up in the morning.


Mar 10, 2013

Distance today = 52.31 km; Total distance = 17,725.06 km; Location = Chabeuil, France – 44 51.745′ N, 05 00.395′ E; Start time = 0831, Finish time = 1709


The weather was perfect today. Actually, the last few days have been much warmer, and it really feels like spring has sprung. I’m even down to wearing a short-sleeve shirt.

The first part of the run was quite hilly, although more down than up. Early on I passed through the town of Dieulefit, another of those classic French towns worth a visit.

By early afternoon, I had made it to Crest. This is another place with a medieval town centre. A lot of this region has a Roman background, and there are occasional remnants of that past to be seen.

Later in the afternoon I was on a road I had cycled in 2009. I even passed a spot where I’d taken an artistic photo of Chips and Klitty in a field of garlic. Memories!!!

It was a solid day, although my feet were hurting a bit by the end. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Carmel had difficulty again finding accommodation. The first few places she tried on the GPS list were closed. She ended up having to pick me up when I finished running, and we drove around until we found somewhere that was open.

PS The tracker is showing me at our hotel, about 7 km north of my official position.