Mar 11, 2020

An update on the results of Sunday’s race on King Island. I did finish in 6th place overall, as I had thought. I also won my age category, which I was very pleased with, given I was at the very upper end of the 50-59 age group. It was also the largest age category of the entire race. Next year I get to be the youngest in a new category. I was also the 3rd closest in terms of what each runner predicts they’ll do. I was only off by 2:49.

Today’s videos and photos, from this day (or close to) in 2012 and 2013 are from California and Arizona, as well as from the Provence and lower Burgundy regions of France. Interestingly, if you watch the video titled Crest, and then have a look at the photos, you will see one that Carmel took of me at the precise moment I started to film that video. See if you can spot it. There’s also a photo from the Glamis Dunes in the Californian desert that eventually became the cover photo for my book about the run around the world.