Mar 12, 2014

I continue to increase my running distance each day without difficulty. Today I ran three times the distance I started with last Saturday. It’s only in the form of a minute of running followed by a minute of walking and so on, but I’ll be on to the continuous longer runs soon if the heel keeps improving as it has.

I’ve now reviewed a quarter of the book. I might have it ready for the publishers by the end of next week.

On This Day: One year ago I was just east of Lyon in France. Two years ago I was running in the Arizona desert, staying in the tiny town of Aguila at Burro Jim’s Motel and eating next door at Coyote Flats Cafe. The support crew at the time consisted of three – Carmel, Libby, and Jenny. If you’re ever travelling in those parts you must stay and eat at the same places.They are classics, and have featured in various movies about the American west.

Photo book link: http://www.momento.com.au/gallery?cpid=1575172&auth=52ef5b04ec6ac8.11540117