Mar 13, 2013

Distance today = 50.64 km; Total distance = 17,874.93 km; Location = Villars les Dombes – 45 59.878′ N, 05 01.728′ E; Start time = 0825, Finish time = 1647


It was back to winter today, but I quite enjoyed it. The extreme weather conditions further north managed to migrate down our way this morning, and the temperature was probably 15 C lower than yesterday. So, it was back into the cold weather gear – gloves, beanie, and all.

I’m not sure why, but I felt extremely good all day. It was one of the easiest days of running I’ve had for some time. I wish every day was such a breeze.

I headed up past the Lyon Airport, and across the Rhone River again. From there, it was up on to a plateau with lots of lakes that were formed during the last ice age, and on to my finish in the town of Villars les Dombes. I last passed through this town with Dave in 2007, on a bike, but it was a whirlwind visit on that occasion, lasting all of a few minutes. I will see a bit more of the town this time.