Mar 14, 2012

Distance today = 49.23 km; Total distance = 3465.17 km; Location = Phoenix (Peoria) – 33 38.272′ N, 112 14.485′ W; Start time = 0853, Finish time = 1607


I am writing this blog after returning from a stunning dinner at Walter’s. A very big thank you to he and wife Nancy, along with daughter Tania, and her husband and kids for a great evening – both for the company and the food.

Today I ran into the outskirts of Phoenix along the road from Wickenburg. Around the 15 km mark I noticed how there were no cars approaching me on my side of the highway. I even started running down the middle of the north bound side of the divided road. A few kms later I realised why. There was a serious road accident ahead and the police had blocked all traffic in that direction. I noticed helicopters departing just before I reached the accident.

I passed the accident – a car and an RV had collided and the RV had rolled. I ran on ahead for about 100 metres to the point where the police had stopped the traffic. The Highway Patrol guys said the injured had been airlifted to hospital and the investigation was underway. They expected to re-open one lane “soon”.

I then ran on, past all the stopped cars and trucks. People were milling around, standing, sitting, even lying down. It reminded me of REM’s video clip for Everybody Hurts. And suddenly I had become “the messenger”. I spent the next while stopping and filling people in on what had occurred up ahead of them. Many of them were too far back to know anything about it. The queue was about 3 km long. I took some video of me running through the procession of stationary cars, but refrained from filming individuals. This video should be up soon, but sorry about the apparent “poor filming” when I was talking to the motorists. I felt it would have been poor form to be pointing a camera in people’s faces at a time like that.

I made it into town with 49 km under my belt, feeling very thirsty. The dehydration creeps up on you in such a dry climate. I am going to have to drink more fluids during the day.