Mar 16, 2014

Now into the second week of my rehab running program, I’m actually really enjoying following a schedule written by someone else. For more than thirty years I’ve been devising running workouts myself; long runs, hill work, and intervals, the most memorable of which was the 25 x 400 metres (with a 100 metre jog in between) that I ran in 1990, averaging 71 seconds per 400 metres. That really was a tough session.

For the next few weeks I’ll be simply adhering to the routine set down by my running physio, Michael. It’s nice for a change to not have to think – I just get out there and run. And it’s going well so far. I increase the distance each day. Within a few weeks I’ll be doing long runs without a break – exactly what I need to get myself in shape for the Oxfam 100 km Trailwalker event in Melbourne on May 2.

Book update: I have been reviewing what I’ve written so far, which amounts to over 75,000 words. Another few days and it will┬ábe with the publisher.

On this day: One year ago we were enjoying catching up with friends, Steve and Judith, as I passed through Nolay in France. Two years ago I was a day north of Phoenix, heading toward the Grand Canyon.

Photo book link: http://www.momento.com.au/gallery?cpid=1575172&auth=52ef5b04ec6ac8.11540117