Mar 16, 2016

Had a nice run around Launceston this morning, but not much else to report other than that. My sore hip is giving me no trouble at all now, so that’s pleasing.

Here’s another photo from Spain, this one as I ran past the impressive cathedral in the city of Burgos. Carmel and I have been to Burgos twice and loved the city both times.




On This Day


Mar 16, 2012

Distance today = 54.05 km; Total distance = 3548.74 km; Location = 7 km north of New River, Arizona – 33 58.107′ N, 112 07.575′ W; Start time = 0855, Finish time = 1708


Lots of minor dramas today! After a steady but uneventful first 26 km, I was met by the support crew for a drinks replenishment stop. However, silly me put my phone on a post and forgot it when I headed off. I realised after 2 km, meaning I had to go back and do an extra 4 km in total which doesn’t count toward my world run.

I pushed on, following my planned course according to my maps. However, I reached a road which had a gate on it – my route went right through a walled/fenced town. I was not allowed to use that road. To cut a long story short, I eventually found a way to avoid going back (and doing an extra 8 km or so), but I ended up at a dead-end, with an 8 foot wall barring my way. My only option was to scale the wall. I stood on a few big stones, and heaved myself up with all my strength. There was a brief moment when I could have gone either way, but managed to get myself on to the top of the wall. I then had to jump. I wouldn’t recommend landing from 8 feet up on to ankles that have already run 40 km that day.

To cap off the day, the road I planned to end on became progressively worse, until it was just rocks and sand. At least there were some great cactuses (cacti) to look at.

It was a good day in the end, but I am annoyed at myself for the phone incident. Without it, my 54 km would have been 58.

We bid farewell to Jenny this morning. It’s now back to Carmel and Libby as the support crew. It was great to have her, and we hope to see her again before the end of the run.


Mar 16, 2013

Distance today = 46.12 km; Total distance = 18,019.94 km; Location = Nolay, France – 46 57.111′ N, 04 37.963′ E; Start time = 0932, Finish time = 1634


We had a very pleasant evening last night with Judith and Steve. They live in London now, and have been in Geneva all week, so it was a perfect opportunity to catch up as they made their way back to London over the weekend. There were lots of laughs at dinner, and the red wine flowed freely. And we must thank them for their generosity.

Steve drove me out to my starting point today, so I gave Carmel the day off. She made the most of it, and booked in for a makeover, after a quick lunch with Judith and Steve.

Meanwhile, I ran on the same bike path early in the day, before hitting the roads. There were lots of towns and villages along the way, so it was easy to buy drinks and food when necessary. Lunch for me consisted of a chicken quiche I bought from a boulangerie in the town of Mercurey.

I ran through some of France’s most prestigious wine country – there were vineyards everywhere, as well as cellar doors for tasting. Pity I can’t avail myself of the tasting during the day – maybe on a bike but not when running (ever tried running after a few wines – it’s not nice).

It was about then that I passed the 18,000 km mark. Only a little over 8,000 to go now.

From there, it was up and over a big hill, down to another bike path along a canal, and then a steady rise through more vineyards, to my finish for the day in Nolay. Tomorrow I will start heading north-east toward Germany.