Mar 19, 2013

Distance today = 49.73 km; Total distance = 18,170.65 km; Location = Deluz – 47 17.914′ N, 06 12.305′ E; Start time = 0831, Finish time = 1650


Today was a bit like the reverse of yesterday. The morning was run on busy roads, and the afternoon on a quiet trail by a river. At least the busy roads had some semblance of a shoulder, so I wasn’t too stressed.

I passed through the town of St Vit by late morning, and had made it to the much larger town of Besancon by early afternoon. Besancon has been visited several times by the Tour de France, but it may be a while before that happens again. The town is undergoing one of the most major road reconstruction programs I’ve ever seen, with a new light rail or tram system being built into its streets. There was construction happening literally everywhere throughout the town, which was causing some mayhem. It will be interesting to see what it looks like in a few years.

Soon after I left the outskirts of Besancon, I reached the bike trail I mentioned. The rest of the afternoon was spent on this quiet but well-paved track, sharing it with the occasional walker or cyclist – a much more pleasant way to finish the day than was the case yesterday. For this reason, I was inaccessible by car, so Carmel wasn’t able to reach me to take photos.

We have struggled a bit in recent days finding accommodation. Carmel was quite stressed today when, upon turning up at the nearest hotel (12 km away), was told it was booked out and the nearest available accommodation was 45 km away. We eventually found something about 18 km away, but it is a tough job for her when things like this happen.

PS The tracker is showing me about 15 km further east than my official position. If you want to check my official position, just click on the Garmin link above, and you can see where I finished the day.