Mar 21, 2012

Distance today = 48.68 km; Total distance = 3810.54 km; Location = Valle – 35 39.199′ N, 112 08.299′ W; Start time = 0839, Finish time = 1540


I have to admit, yesterday was a tough one, so I was very pleased today was much easier.

I reckon the fantastic steak meal I had last night at Rod’s Steakhouse in Williams played a part too. It was truly delicious, and the support crew concurred. This is not a flippant comment. When transitioning to high altitude, the body requires additional iron to produce extra red blood cells, so a good steak goes a long way.

It was a pleasant but uneventful run, along rapidly melting snow-lined roads. From the tops of hills, I’m sure I can see parts of the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow I’ll see it for real.

I have a fantastic view of Mt Humphreys from the hotel room today. It is Arizona’s highest mountain at nearly 12,700 feet, and is very majestic as a stand-alone peak. However, it is still a little lower than the Cristo Redentor Pass that I have to run to get over the Andes. That will be later this year.

Most of the uphill running is now over for the next few weeks. At 2,130 metres, which I reached yesterday, I was higher than Alp d’Huez, the top of Mont Ventoux, and the Col du Lauteret – some of the most famous of the climbs and mountain top finishes of the Tour de France. Having ridden all those climbs, and run Alp d’Huez, I honestly believe it’s easier running uphill than it is cycling. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.