Mar 21, 2013

Distance today = 52.21 km; Total distance = 18,273.06 km; Location = Mooslargue – 47 31.071′ N, 07 12.576′ E; Start time = 0853, Finish time = 1756


I chalked up my 9th country of the run today, but that was late in the day. Let’s back up a bit.

We had a very pleasant stay at Aux Berges du Doubs, the gite of Jipi (short for Jean Pierre). Both he and his permanent guest, Bertrand, provided great conversation last night over dinner, a calamari dish cooked by Jipi.

I started running this morning under unsettled skies, but there was no rain. The early part of the day was very flat, alongside the river. Later it got a little hillier, but nothing too extreme.

I did have one issue when I lost Google Maps for a period of time. I knew there was a path somewhere to my right, so, after heading through someone’s property, then trudging through a field that resulted in my shoes being thickly caked in mud, then making my way through brambles, and finally down a steep embankment through thorns and vines, I eventually reached a brilliant cycle path. Luckily, this led me straight to the town where Carmel was waiting for me.

After several more towns, I headed from France into Switzerland for a few kilometres. The border meanders its way around the countryside here, and the road I was on passed into, then out of Switzerland in the blink of an eye. It was strange, to be heading east in Switzerland, and coming upon the French border.

Carmel had more trouble with the accommodation, when her Garmin GPS tried to lead her up a narrow muddy path, where she surely would have gotten bogged. Luckily there was a sign that directed her to the correct road to the hotel.