Mar 24, 2012

Distance today = 50.81 km; Total distance = 3949.20 km; Location = Cameron – 35 52.554′ N, 111 24.787′ W; Start time = 0907, Finish time = 1617


Today was another tough one. It would have been a standard day, except that there was 4,110 feet of downhill running. That takes its toll on your legs, and mine are jarred pretty badly.

The soreness was eased somewhat by the great views I had as I descended from the Grand Canyon plateau. The Little Colorado River Gorge, which is joined to the GC, is a great tourist attraction in its own right.

Tonight we’re in Cameron, an original trading post between the settlers and the Navajo Indians. Many of the buildings are still standing. It’s easy to imagine how it was 150 years ago.

I’m afraid it’s looking like my mobile phone reception will be quite sporadic over the coming weeks, as I make my way through some of the most remote countryside in the mainland US. The worst thing about this for viewers of this web site is that the real time tracker may often be outdated in regard to where it’s showing me to be. Even today, the tracker is showing me about 2 km south of where I actually finished today’s run. This is not too bad, but it could get worse. Fingers crossed – maybe it won’t be that bad after all.

PS Thank you to the many people who have tweeted me their well wishes. However, my twitter account is set up so that all tweets go directly to the Facebook and web site, including tweets to individuals. Therefore, I do not reply personally to tweets, as they will be seen by everyone, but I do read and appreciate them.