Mar 24, 2013

Distance today = 49.34 km; Total distance = 18,413.23 km; Location = Blumberg – 47 50.356′ N, 08 31.820′ E; Start time = 0830, Finish time = 1700


It was another cold one today, but, as I always say, better cold than hot when it comes to running.

The early part of the day was again along the Rhine, but by late morning I’d veered to the north, along a smaller river. This river – more like a creek – is the border between Germany and Switzerland. On this occasion, I was running for quite a while in Germany, while at the same time being only five metres from Switzerland. I also had the Black Forest on my left.

I would like to have made a bigger excursion into Switzerland, spending several days there. However, the cumbersome telecommunications system in Europe, where every country requires its own SIM card or you pay exorbitant roaming charges, has precluded me from anything more than a few kilometres at a time in Switzerland. I just wasn’t willing to go through the new SIM card routine again for the sake of a few days. Unfortunately, Switzerland has been the victim of this issue, as far as my run is concerned.

I forgot to mention, my tracker is operating normally again during the day, so you can watch my progress in real time. It didn’t work for a month while I was in France, thanks to phone company SFR.

While much of my day was on flat cycle paths, the last part entailed some vicious hills, with gradients of up to 15%. It was a nasty way to finish the day, but I’d rather get it out of the way now, instead of in the morning.

Tonight we’re in the south-eastern part of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), and it is snowing steadily. It could make for some very pretty running tomorrow. We’re having some internet problems, so the photos may take a day.