Mar 26, 2013

Distance today = 52.05 km; Total distance = 18,516.85 km; Location = Unlingen – 48 10.094′ N, 09 31.365′ E; Start time = 0836, Finish time = 1705


Just when I thought the weather was as bad as it could get, it got worse. Today was colder, and the snow was heavier.

My feet were wet and cold from the very start of the day – there was nowhere to run except through six inch deep snow, either on the cycle tracks or on the road. However, once my feet were wet, it didn’t seem to matter when I continued to run through the snow. You can’t get wetter than wet.

The snow affected more than just my running today. Last night we needed to drive 3 km to dinner. We started out, but immediately turned back when the car was sliding all over the road. Luckily we had some supplies in the car, so dinner was baguette slices with avocado, tomato, cucumber, cheese, and ham.

I’m not sure whether Germany sees any sun – I haven’t seen any yet. Everything is in virtual duo-chrome, either grey or white. The trees are grey and the ground is white. The clouds are grey and the falling snow is white. I’m just not seeing any colours.

All that said, I didn’t mind the day too much. It was only really bad when I had to jump off the road for cars, but that’s true of how I feel every day. However, it is worse in the snow, as I never know what sort of shoulder is under all that snow. It might be firm or soft, level or sloped, smooth or rocky. If I can get through days like this without capitulating, then the days of good weather should be a breeze.