Mar 27, 2012

Distance today = 44.26 km; Total distance = 4104.31 km; Location = Kayenta – 36 42.439′ N, 110 15.228′ W; Start time = 0914, Finish time = 1525


A relatively short run of 44 km today, courtesy of the long day yesterday. I am now in Kayenta, which is the gateway to Monument Valley from the Arizona side. Tomorrow I'll cross the border into Utah and enter Monument Valley.

On the side of the road today I saw an empty Fosters beer can. I'd have a harder time trying to find one in Australia. In fact, there were plenty of beer cans and whiskey bottles along the side of the road within the Navajo Reservation, which is at odds with the fact that no alcohol is sold within its jurisdictional limits. I suspect some go outside to buy their drinks, and consume them before getting home, ditching the empties along the way. Not good for the environment, or the aesthetics of the place. In general, however, the Navajo people are very friendly, and I've had a chat with several as I've passed them hitchhiking on the side of the road. In fact, I'd estimate that 95% of the people I've met over the past four days have been Navajos, which is quite a refreshing change – it really makes you feel like you're in another land.

Apologies about the lack of tracking ability. Reception appears to be getting worse. In fact, there were no tracker updates at all today. You can thank T-Mobile for that. As mentioned, I'm actually in Kayenta, not the fifty or so kilometres down the road that the tracker is showing. I have no idea when it will next update.