Mar 27, 2013

Distance today = 49.74 km; Total distance = 18,566.57 km; Location = Ulm – 48 23.952′ N, 09 59.042′ E; Start time = 0823, Finish time = 1645


This was the coldest day of the world run so far. There was a very cold day last year, into Prescott AZ, but I was unprepared then. Today I was prepared, and I still felt it. My Garmin thermometer registered negative temperatures all day long, despite me carrying it.

However, as they say about anger and grief, you can’t let it consume you, and this is also true in regard to cursing the weather. You just have to “let it go”. So, I now just laugh at the weather, or perhaps ‘with it’.

Running in Germany is a real dichotomy – if there is a cycle path, and there are lots of them, then running here is a joy – if there isn’t, then running is a nightmare. There’s no real in-between. German drivers seem to be nervous about anyone being anywhere near the road, even two metres off the road in the snow, which is where I try to be when cars come by. It takes away the enjoyment when I constantly have to jump into the snow, and still cop some abuse from drivers, despite trying to make life easier for them.  I’ll just have to try harder to find the cycle paths.

I finished the day in the town of Ulm. Last October, I ran through Princeton in New Jersey, and now I am in Ulm. Here’ a trivia question for readers, but please respond only if you know the answer, without having to Google it. What is the link between Princeton and Ulm? Please send answers via the web site, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.