Mar 29, 2012

Distance today = 50.97 km; Total distance = 4208.49 km; Location = Bluff Airport – 37 15.847′ N, 109 38.506′ W; Start time = 0925, Finish time = 1716


As you will see from the photos, we spent some time today at the location of the Forrest Gump scene. There will be a video to follow – sorry in advance for my corny acting, but you may get a laugh.

All that action took place in the morning, but the rest of the day involved scenery that was almost equally as stunning. In fact, it's hard not to find another great view around every corner or over every rise. Whenever I think I've seen it all, something appears which amazes me again.

The town of Mexican Hat was interesting. Sitting above the town is a giant rock feature, which you'd swear was a Mexican sitting, wearing a poncho and sombrero. I also got my first view of the Colorado Rockies today, far off in the distance. It won't be too long and I'll be on the other side of the continental divide.

I only have 12 km to run tomorrow until I pass the 100 marathon mark of the run. That'll be a nice milestone. Oh, and sorry again about the lack of tracker updates. My official position is at the corner of Highway 163 and the Bluff Airport Road.