Mar 29, 2021

After feeling a little sluggish last week, I really felt like I was picking up today. I even ran 400 metres in 71 secs. I reckon that’s my fastest 400 in quite some time. I might see what I can do for 1 km on Friday.

Today’s world run blog/video/photos are from my time running through Monument Valley in Utah. I often say that this or that place is great for running, but Monument Valley truly exceeds all superlatives.


Mar 28, 2012


Distance today = 53.21 km; Total distance = 4157.52 km; Location = Monument Valley – 37 04.049′ N, 110 02.668′ W; Start time = 0851, Finish time = 1630


Another tough one today. Not sure why – perhaps I’m missing the resveritrol in the red wine that I can’t get on the Navajo Reservation. I felt low on energy and a bit sore in the legs. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

A young Navajo woman stopped today and had a chat with me. She said she’d seen me on the road twice in the past two days, and decided to stop on the third occasion (I assume her work requires her to drive the length of the reservation on a daily basis). When I told her what I was doing, she gave me a donation – a nice touch.

While I have reached Monument Valley, I won’t get to the location of the Forrest Gump scene until mid morning tomorrow. However, there are still some great photos posted from today, so don’t miss them on the Home page.

I’m now in Utah; my third US state of the run. They will be coming thicker and faster from now on, after six weeks spent in California and Arizona. I expect to chalk up at least twenty states during the US leg of the run.

I still can’t send any tracker updates on a regular basis, although I’ve managed to get one away from the hotel tonight (but it’s not quite my official position). I guess I can’t expect too much, being out in the middle of the desert as I am. My official run position is approximately 15 km inside the Utah border, north-east of Kayenta.

To finish, I received a message tonight from Jason, the ball boy from my days playing football for the Warilla Gorillas – we’re talking 30 years ago. It’s great to get messages of support from people I haven’t seen or heard from for years. Thanks Jason.


Mar 29, 2012


Distance today = 50.97 km; Total distance = 4208.49 km; Location = Bluff Airport – 37 15.847′ N, 109 38.506′ W; Start time = 0925, Finish time = 1716


As you will see from the photos, we spent some time today at the location of the Forrest Gump scene. There will be a video to follow – sorry in advance for my corny acting, but you may get a laugh.

All that action took place in the morning, but the rest of the day involved scenery that was almost equally as stunning. In fact, it’s hard not to find another great view around every corner or over every rise. Whenever I think I’ve seen it all, something appears which amazes me again.

The town of Mexican Hat was interesting. Sitting above the town is a giant rock feature, which you’d swear was a Mexican sitting, wearing a poncho and sombrero. I also got my first view of the Colorado Rockies today, far off in the distance. It won’t be too long and I’ll be on the other side of the continental divide.

I only have 12 km to run tomorrow until I pass the 100 marathon mark of the run. That’ll be a nice milestone. Oh, and sorry again about the lack of tracker updates. My official position is at the corner of Highway 163 and the Bluff Airport Road.