Mar 4, 2014

I think my heel is improving already, thanks to the increased strength in surrounding muscles from the exercises I’ve been doing. Just to clarify, I now do not need to wear a boot to immobilize the foot. I can still be active as much as I like, though running is minimal for the time being.

I have passed the 65,000 word mark for the book I’m writing about the world run. I estimate there’ll be another 5,000 or so words, but I then need to review it all thoroughly. I have perhaps another couple of weeks before I should be happy enough to send it to a publisher for comment.

When I was running through western Victoria I was joined for 32 km one day in mid August by Clare Weatherly, a local runner keen on ultra events. Well, Clare has just begun a massive 10,000 km trek across Australia by running, cycling, and kayaking. The parts on foot are primarily off road on some of the iconic trails of the country. I encourage you to follow Clare’s journey via https://m.facebook.com/Octopus10000

And don’t forget to view Carmel’s photo book of my world run on the link below.