Mar 5, 2020

Only three days till the 32 km race on King Island. Unfortunately, I’ve picked up a stomach bug of some sort. I’m hoping it subsides in time and doesn’t affect me on race day. At the moment I feel a bit weak, not having eaten for more than a day.

Lots of photos for readers today, along with a couple of videos. The first video is from the day I ran into Palm Springs. It remained my longest day of the world run (nearly 69 km) for more than a year. I eventually chalked up a 70 km day in July of the next year when I was running across the Nullarbor.

The photos are from around the Palm Springs region (2012) and southern France (2013), including one of our friends Laurence and Stephane at their wonderful B&B, Domain du Vern, in the town of St Affrique.