Mar 6, 2012

Distance today = 63.33 km; Total distance = 3073.02 km; Location = Brawley – 32 58.673′ N, 115 30.923′ W; Start time = 0913, Finish time = 1818



And today’s highlight was …………. a dust storm.

It was a long day through the desert, and I was struggling mentally – until the dust storm hit. The novelty of the occasion actually helped me through the rest of the day. There should be some photos and a video at some stage, although the worst of it was just on dark, when photography didn’t do it justice. I really needed my shower tonight, and all my clothes need to be washed. All I can smell is dust.

Another highlight was when a nice CHiPs officer pulled over to see if I needed anything, which one often does in the middle of the desert. We ended up talking running for a while – he has done several half marathons.

Then tonight at dinner we met an Aussie physicist, who is in Brawley to do experiments on a new geophysical instrument. He and his colleague are going to provide me with some water on the road tomorrow, as they will be working just off the road at about the 38 km mark of my run.

I am now going to bed, as I’m tired. Yes, it does happen, especially after a 63 km day in a dust storm. It was a longer run than I would have preferred, but I couldn’t see the point in having the support crew come out to meet me with less than 10 km to the hotel.

The next three days to Blythe will be shorter. My body will appreciate it.