Mar 7, 2014

Tomorrow I officially start a rehabilitation program of running devised by my physiotherapist. Having run so little in recent months and now beginning a structured program, it feels a little like I’m taking up running again for the first time. It’s actually quite a refreshing feeling and I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t been in this position for more than thirty years.

The book has passed 70,000 words now and I’m still not done. I doubt it will be more than 75,000 though.

Now to reminisce: this time two years ago I was running in the desert by the Salton Sea (a big salty lake about 70 metres below sea level) in the south of California. Carmel, Libby, and Jenny were the support crew at the time. One year ago I was approaching Mont Ventoux in the south of France, a legendary mountain in the Tour de France, and one which I had cycled to the top of three times in one day back in 2011. I didn’t run to the top this time as the road was closed for winter.

And here’s Carmel’s photo book link again, in case you missed it in previous blog entries: