Mar 9, 2013

Distance today = 54.14 km; Total distance = 17,672.75 km; Location = Le Serre de Turc – 44 30.555′ N, 05 05.818′ E; Start time = 0843, Finish time = 1733


Today’s run would have made for an interesting stage of the Tour de France. It was mostly flat, but the long and gradual uphill toward the end would have taken the sting out of the sprinters. It wore me down a little.

Mid-morning I passed through the town of Vaison la Romaine, with its Roman bridge and medieval fortifications. This, couple with its modern restaurant and shopping culture, makes it a town worth visiting (not that the shopping interests me, but the restaurants and history do).

I made my north through Provence, on a similar route to that I’ve cycled before in the reverse direction. That was in summer, with lavender and sunflowers in bloom. At the moment, it’s all cut back and looking very bare.

For much of the day I could see Mont Ventoux behind me – the Giant of Provence. It was shrouded in clouds, but they did lift on occasions to reveal a snow-capped peak.

The last part of the day was up through a gorge. Just before I reached it, I passed through a small village that had a sign indicating it had been occupied by the Nazis on Hitler’s orders. I’m not sure what they did to warrant such individual attention. I finished at the top of the climb in the cute little town of Le Serre de Turc.

PS I have subtracted 60 metres from the Garmin data, due to me missing a turn and backtracking. I know it’s not much, but I’d rather be precise and not be credited with any distance that is not strictly “by the rules”.

PPS At this stage, we are having internet problems. I am doing all this on the hotel’s French keyboard. There may be no photos or Garmin link until tomorrow. The tracker will not update either.