May 1, 2013

Distance today = 50.02 km; Total distance = 20,273.26 km; Location = Aleksinac – 43 33.216′ N, 21 40.959′ E; Start time = 0817, Finish time = 1726


Another day where the high was 36C. It’s hard to believe that I experienced a full month where the temperature barely ever made it above freezing, and then, within two weeks, we’re having a sustained heatwave here in the Balkans.

The day was fairly uneventful, with relatively quiet roads the order. The road I was running on paralleled the freeway for most of the day.

We didn’t realise that May 1 is a public holiday here in Serbia. Most shops are shut, including restaurants, which has made it difficult to find dinner tonight. The receptionist at the hotel made a call, and we have something lined up, but must get there soon, before it closes.

Two months ago, I started to develop a bit of a heel spur. This is completely different to the problem I had in January, which was easily cured with some heel inserts. This spur is on the other foot – the right one – and was just a bit of an annoyance, sometimes bothering me toward the end of the day. Over the past few days, however, it has gotten worse. Today it hurt throughout. It’s not the sort of injury that will prevent me from running, but I will have to look into ways of managing it better. I want to enjoy each day, which is very difficult to do when there is background pain.