May 14, 2014

Elaborating on my reasons for targeting the City to Surf as my next focus, the reason is simple. It’s a great way to compare performances over the years. I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve run the race, but it must be approaching twenty, possibly more (this year is the 44th running of the event, and I believe there may even be a very small number of individuals who’ve competed in every one). The course has always been exactly the same, so it’s easy to gauge how you’re performing over the years by your City to Surf time.

I know that my first City to Surf was in 1983 and I ran 57:54. I mentioned in the last blog that my aim was to make sure I keep intact my record of always running under the hour. Well, that will be my “low range” aim. But a more challenging target is to run under 57:54. That will be my “mid range” aim. The big question is, at 53, can I beat the time I ran as a 22 year old? It’s certainly a worthy goal.

As for an “upper range” goal, I reckon sub-56 is a suitable time to shoot for, representing four minutes per kilometre pace. You might think that “beating my age” or, in other words, running under 53:30 should be my upper aim, but I reckon that’s just too unattainable this time round. But that will eventually be my goal.


On This Day


May 14, 2012

Distance today = 50.55 km; Total distance = 6191.06 km; Location = Pine Bluffs – 41 10.681′ N, 104 04.484′ W; Start time = 1000 Finish time = 1715


Back on the road today after a six day break, during which we flew back to Australia to satisfy visa requirements. It was a good interlude, enabling us all to catch up with family and friends, as well as to get a few things done at home. This included a surprise birthday dinner for the legendary Hud.

You’d think a break like this would be a positive thing in terms of physical recovery. I don’t think so! Just like the break between New Zealand and San Francisco, I’ve come up quite sore after the first day. I am expecting to be sore for the next several days, until my muscles and tendons get used to running 50 km per day again.

After a late start, I began the day at the precise location I stopped last week, and have now made it to a town just before the border of Wyoming and Nebraska. Tomorrow I’ll run into Nebraska. I should be there for about a week, as I make my way up to South Dakota.

I am very much in prairie country now, having left the Rockies behind. Lots of farming land to keep me company for a while.

PS The Garmin site was undergoing maintenance when I downloaded today, which appears to have corrupted my daily file again. I’ve sent it to Jimbo the Genius. I hope to have the repaired link inserted into the blog when that’s done


May 14, 2013

Distance today = 47.96 km; Total distance = 20,918.42 km; Location = Seymen – 41 07.053′ N, 27 54.605′ E; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1648


With much of the day spent running in constant drizzle on a busy highway, with lots of semi-trailers passing me, it was not one of my favourites. The positive was that the temperature was down.

I was again on the D100, but it is getting more and more congested as I make my way closer to Istanbul. I passed through the city of Corlu, which I thought would be a nice peaceful town. Instead, it seemed its quarter million population was mostly out in the streets – it was a huge place that was totally abuzz.

I eventually made it to our accommodation for the night – a five star hotel called the Silverside. The day was a little short, but I wanted to get in to the hotel so we could avail ourselves of the amenities. There is even a large snooker table, so I reckon Barry and I will be having a few games tonight. The girls are already heading down for a Turkish bath.

The car was unable to find me in Corlu today, so it was impractical for Barry to run with me. We’ll see if he can make up the 29 km required to reach his century in the next two days.

I will reach Istanbul on Thursday. Finishing a continent always requires a decision on where to stop. Ideally, it is some sort of focal point of the city, such as an airport. But I also need to finish within a kilometre of the ocean. In fact, it is my intention to dip my toe in the water. So, luckily for me, Istanbul Airport is immediately adjacent to the Sea of Marmaras. Therefore, I have decided to finish my European leg at the water’s edge, just past the airport.