May 14, 2018

Well, I almost managed it. I got about half way through my 3 km time trial this morning before straining a peripheral muscle in my left calf and having to stop. It was a pity, as I was feeling very comfortable, having passed through the first kilometre in 4:07. This was faster than the last time I ran the same course, when I passed the first K in 4:08. And it was feeling easier than last time too.

Anyhow, I know all about calf strains and this one won’t be a major problem – maybe a week or so of slow and minimal distance. At least I didn’t feel the quad strain at all. Plus, I woke up yesterday morning with a swollen and sore knee. No idea why, but I was worried it would affect me today. But I didn’t feel that at all either.

So it looks like I only need to get this minor strain overcome and I should be ‘flying’. That’s the plan.

Another photo from six years ago as I was running in Nebraska. As you can see, it was a little bit cold that day, but the temperatures were to increase rapidly in the month ahead. I didn’t wear that beanie again until Europe some eight months later.